Previous CRIG Speakers

The Close Relationship Interest Group (CRIG) has hosted many events and speakers within the field of close/interpersonal relationships over the past decade.

Dr. David Slusky -- November 16th, 2017

KU Department of Economics -- "Did Medicaid Expansion Reduce Medical Divorce?"

Past Events

Dr. Bruce Liese
KU Department of Psychology on Attachment Style and Health-Related Behaviors
Dr. Changhwan Kim
KU Department of Sociology -- "Transactive Goal Dynamics"
Dr. Tamara Mikinski 
KU Department of Educational Psychology -- "If Love was a Plane, Nobody'd Get On: Gottman Method Couples Therapy"
Dr. Jennifer Hamer
University of Kansas -- "Around here, women never get done workin'"
Dr. Jimmie Manning
Northern Illinois University -- "Moving Together in Rhythm: The Future of Sexuality and Communication."
Dr. Gurit Birnbaum
School of Psychology, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel -- "Attachment and sexual mating: The joint operation of separate motivational systems."
Dr. Omri Gillath
KU Psychology Department -- "Some Relationships Worth More and Some Less: First Love and Disposability."
Dr. Maggie Childs
KU Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures -- “Evaluating a Marriage: Japanese and Western Scholars’ Contrasting Interpretations of The Kagero Diary, a 10th century account by the second of several wives of Fujiwara no Kaneie, the most powerful man of his day.”
Dr. Bruce Liese
"Measuring Empathy in Therapeutic Encounters."
Dr. Charlene Muehlenhard
KU Dept of Women's Studies and Psychology
Dr. Cynthia Akagi
"Love and Sex, Understanding Relationships, to help teens and young adults, gay and straight, select healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections"
Dr. Akiko Takeyama
"Price of 'Love' in Tokyo Host Clubs"
Dr. Donna K. Ginther
"Does Marriage Lead to Specialization in Sweden? An Evaluation of Trends in Adult Earnings Before and After Marriage"
Dr. Nancy Baym
KU Communications Dept -- "Tunes That Bind?: Understanding friendship in a music based social networking site."
Dr. Alesia Hanzal
KU Communications Dept -- "The Role of Enduring Vulnerabilities on Marital Quality."
Dr. Jeffery Hall
KU Communications Dept -- "That's Gay!: Masculinity, Gender Identity Salience, and Homophobic Communication Norms."
Dr. Michael Dennis
Emporia State -- "Compliance and Intimacy: Young Adults' Attempts to Motivate Health-Promoting Behaviors by Romantic Partners."